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Welcoming the New Year Advancing Together

——Chuangxian Industry's 2024 New Year Banquet


The Chinese New Year is gradually approaching, and the atmosphere of celebrating the New Year is becoming stronger. To thank all employees for their hard work over the past year, on the evening of December 31, 2023, our company held the 2024 New Year Banquet at the Letianran Restaurant.


The banquet began and the delicious food was served. Everyone gathered together to taste delicious food, toast each other with wine, and exchange blessings with each other! People talked freely and got closer to each other while chatting and laughing.

The hall was full of lively, harmonious, peaceful, joyful and festive atmosphere.


We had been working hard together and overcoming countless difficulties in 2023; In 2024, let's continue to work hard towards a goal with full confidence and achieve better results!


Chuangxian Industry Announcement

Jan.1st, 2024

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